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Up the Tower

Here’s a short piece that I recently wrote, closely inspired by my own previous visits to the Eiffel Tower. A visit to France, Paris in particular, is definitely a bucket-list worthy experience. 🙂 IMPORTANT: Please give full credit to me … Continue reading

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Trials, errors, and literary exploits

Yet again I have been remiss with this blog. My high hopes when I first started this endeavor have been shattered. I recall being so optimistic and even attempted to blog about one topic each day. Bah. I’m afraid that … Continue reading

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Walked in Amelie’s footsteps

Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain is the loveliest French film I’ve seen, which, well quite frankly, is the only one I ever watched from beginning to end without losing interest. I suppose it’s the unique, whimsical and charming manner in … Continue reading

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on plans, and the troubles with making them

As it is, I’ve already failed miserably on this 365-blog-a-day gig I’ve imposed on myself. Oh w-e-e-ll… At least, however, I think I’ve managed to salvage this little failure (yes, I’m consoling myself here..) by having posted sensible and somewhat … Continue reading

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“How will I get out of this labyrinth!”

I’ve got two words for you. John Green. Have I mentioned that I love this author? That I’ve sworn by him ever since I read The Fault in our Stars? That I’ve unscrupulously convinced my mature friends to reach into … Continue reading

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Je suis un peu triste sur Les Miserables

First of all, I’d like to thank Google Translate for expressing in French my feelings over the latest film adaptation of Les Miserables, which I recently watched in the cinema. “I am a little miserable over Les Miserables.” Now, where … Continue reading

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Who is Bona?

I have never been a fan of local theater. I’ve always equated plays staged by PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association) as being overly dramatic, too historical and a little too subversive for my taste. A myopic point of view, probably … Continue reading

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