My version of “Top Ten Tuesday”

To get me back on a blogging vibe, I’ll join in on the Top Ten Tuesday weekly meme, which apparently started with the blog, The Broke and the Bookish. Cool stuff. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is… *drum roll*… top ten settings which I’d like to see, or read, more of. Hmm… I’m tapping my pointer finger on my temple in deep thought on this one. I’d have to say that this list won’t come too easy, but I’ll just jot (or, well, type) my ideas down as I go:

10. car wash or garage – I can somehow imagine the opening scene of a hot romance at a car wash, or garage, where a ripped, handsome protagonist plays the role of the successful owner. A feisty little female protagonist suddenly drives in for a wash, but ends up with unexpected car trouble which she blames on the owner… thus begins a not so usual love/hate relationship mixed with just the right amount of sass and romance. (And no, there is so no erotica involved here, not the slightest… Okay maybe just a little.)

9. Paris – Since I am unabashedly in love with this city (as evident enough in my previous posts), I wouldn’t mind watching more contemporary love affairs set here, shown both on the small and big screens, like those of Big and Carrie’s surprise rendezvous in Paris in SATC, or like Owen Wilson’s (sorry, I forget his character’s name) literary affairs with the “greats”, ie Hemingway, Picasso, etc. and then finding his ideal partner, in Midnight in Paris.

8.  Hawaii – I’ve never been but from the few movies I’ve watched with this as the setting (okay, I can only really recall Blue Crush at this point… oh! and 50 first dates), I think its islands make for gorgeous backdrop for, say perhaps,  a romantic comedy slash surfing flick. No wild guesses with the surfing factor there.

7. library – Hmm… I’m thinking more along the lines of Gabriel’s Inferno as I think of possibly setting an intellectual sort of love story here. Can you say hot, brooding young-ish professor, meeting a shy, demure student… Brrr. Nuff said.

6. race track – Aside from Fast and the Furious, and maybe that talking car movie with Lindsay Lohan some years back, I don’t recall having watched much movies, of whatever genre, being set or revolving around a race track. Maybe Charlie’s Angels, the one where Drew, Lucy and Cameron chased some bad dude around, but that was only one part of the film. It should be interesting to watch perhaps a sort of auto-bio of whomever race car driver (Alonso something or other?), detailing the highs and lows of “life on the fast lane”… Err. Yeah, you know what I mean.

5. kitchen – I do love food and I have always been fascinated with cooking and its intricacies (key word: fascinated). So I would love to see on screen a witty, heartwarming story about a chef and his apprentice (nothing like Ratatouille the cartoon movie please), where maybe a former “master chef” with deep, personal issues regresses into a bumbling short-order cook, but whose talents and patience are soon challenged by a young, ambitious but thoughtless up-and-coming-chef.

4. English boarding school – Something like Dead Poets’ Society pops into my mind at this possible setting, also for a film, or I’m thinking a play would do, or better yet a musical, which details the complex, coming-of-age of co-ed students at an English boarding school, where they’re far away from home, but confined in close quarters, made to conform to rules, etc.

3. Brasilia – Aside from Rio, which is, well, a movie about birds, and those occasional action flicks based in Brazil, I think there should be more relevant movies made of and within this  country. It just seems so versatile, with its beautiful people of mixed races (don’t get me started on how hot these Brazilian-Japanese models are, most if not all making a killing in Manila’s modelling-slash-showbiz circuit), it’s rich, riotous football-frenzied culture (uhm, need I say Ronaldo? or Pele?), and of course carnaval. 

2. funeral home – Just to make it clear… no, I do not have a fetish of any kind that’s anything at all related to corpses. Goodness… If I may explain… What I was thinking of when I wrote this is actually Six Feet Under, that award-winning series on HBO some years ago. It totally got me hooked on the strange life of this family, which operates a funeral home, where each member was just trying to live normal lives despite their unusual family business. I don’t think there’s been another TV series with this setting… unless you consider The Walking Dead as its spin-off? You know, corpses… and then zombies… (Ha.. ha.. I’m so hilarious.. ! A tear fell.)

1. NYC – I loved SATC, I loved Friends, I loved Gossip Girl.. I’ve always imagined myself living the grand life in the Big Apple, so what the hey, let’s throw this on the top of my list! Oh, New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of (hum.. hum..).. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching any film, or reading any book, showcasing this dirty yet glamorous city, with its supposedly grimy, scary Subways, its  high-brow boutiques, restos and bars, its infamous yellow cabs, and the concentrated green lush of Central Park right in the middle. NYC.. someday… you and me gots to meet, that’s for certain.  

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