Are you happy?


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If someone asked me the question, “are you happy?”, I think I would hesitate just a tad bit, but ultimately answer, “yes, for most of the day, I am.”

Personally, I equate general happiness with being grateful, not just for the big things, ie a sudden windfall of cash (whoopee!), a promotion (woot!), or an improvement in one’s love life (oh yeah!)… But especially for the small things, the little blessings everyday, which can make all the difference between a great day and a shitty one… Like finding crumpled bills in the small pocket of your purse (just when you thought you were done to your last money), or receiving a helping hand from your normally nasty colleague (that sure can be a pleasant surprise), or a sudden, positive turn of events with a really difficult client case (which you thought for sure would cost you your job!).

Obviously I’m in a somewhat pensive mood while writing this post. As that saying goes, happiness is indeed a choice. And if you’re no longer happy with something (or someone), then… I suppose it’s time to make that necessary choice.

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