the Female touch

I’ve always liked reading the news, any kind of news really, but I am especially partial to world news. I like learning about what’s going on in the rest of the world. Sounds geeky, I know, but I’ve got no shame with it. If I could make money off it, it’d be great. I think it’s worthwhile to be able to talk to someone who knows a little about everything (without coming off like a know-it-all). Definitely makes for more substantial conversations.

So, let’s see, I chose current events from my make-shift tombola of topics today. Hmm. I’ve got a lot on my mind I could write about, but what strikes me most is the recent news about the gang rape in India. Now I know this is a sensitive issue for the country and its people, which I totally respect, so I will only touch on one aspect of it that affected me – the role and image of the female in a society.

Bit heavy stuff to go with my Sunday morning coffee, but I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, so here goes.

I personally think that it’s truly sad and shameful how, despite the improvements in technology and advancements in world ideologies, there are still nations and communities where the fair and equal treatment of individuals, females especially, remain underdeveloped, unrecognised, or even plain non existent. Let me make it clear that I am no feminist. I’m speaking personally and generally on this matter because, as a female who’s independently providing for myself and my immediate relatives, I cannot imagine not being able to do, say or think as I please or need to. God forgive me, but I will cast all stones (along with my pearls and high heels) at anyone who’d try and stop me from being me and doing what I want with my life.

I feel fortunate to exist in a place where, despite my country’s economic troubles and other flaws, people still enjoy certain liberties of the free world, i.e. freedom of speech and thought (despite recent national debate on the matter, but that’s another matter), values placed highly on the woman and her role in the home and workplace, values on family and home life.

Now, I am certainly not saying that it’s perfect where I’m from (dear Lord, not even close!), and that it’s the same everywhere in the country (although I’d certainly hope it is), but it’s liberating to be able to work to provide for myself, to have a choice to stay out late and get home safely, to watch any film or play I fancy, or listen to any kind of music, or read any book I want, regardless of theme or influences – doing all without being so prevented by societal norms or dogma. Sure, conservatives still live amongst us, and religion still plays a huge influence in the nation. But that is life and variety will always exist in any form and manner. What’s important is that people, everyone, have a right to say what he/she thinks, to dress as he/she pleases, to do as he/she wants to in life, to pursue whatever his/her passions are – all within reason, with a dash of common sense, a certain level of responsibility, and all done with respect for the next person, so that no toes are stepped on along the way.

I’m saying a prayer for that young lady in India, and I hope everyone does so too…

Okay, so that’s my piece. (I don’t mean for this to be a Sunday preach (insert cynical laugh), so pardon any allusions to one.)

Day 6, Post 6 – done and done 🙂

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