London, November 2010. Further to my previous post, I mentioned that I also visited Tate Modern whilst in London. Below are some photos I took on my way to the museum and then inside the main (free) galleries. Shame that I didn’t get to see the ongoing Gaugin exhibit.

For more information on the Tate Modern museum, visit their official website  http://www.tate.org.uk.

Wet and cloudy. Walking my way on to the Tate Modern.

Crossing the Millenium Bridge over the (brown) River Thames
This steel bridge was built in 2000.

It couldn’t have gotten any drearier for me. In the distance is the Tower Bridge, more popularly known as the London Bridge (cue kindergarten song…)

What a magnificently plain structure.

This used to be a power station, but in 1994 turned into a gallery to house international modern and contemporary art.

Andy Warhol collection

Warhol’s trademark portraiture style

What I would give to see Warhol’s other works

Warhol , self-portrait, 1967.
I will always remember this strange piece. I regret not noting the artist’s name.

I adore vintage posters of any kind.

If I were a legit photographer, I know I could have done more with how linear, symmetrical and asymmetrical the whole place was. Beautiful.

Really cool space.

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