One dreary Sunday in London….

Admittedly I haven’t blogged for a while now, so here goes. A bit old but share-worthy still. I went to London in November 2010 for work and I was fortunate enough to have had a few extra days for some personal time. One Sunday, when the kind city folk were resting, and smart enough not to brave ole Winter’s wrath, I, the hapless tourist, decided to go on my own walking tour by the River Thames.
After a few hours (and a late lunch) at the Tate, I thought to cross over the Millenium Bridge to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. I didn’t have the chance to visit Shakespeare’s home, but I felt lucky enough to have visited the Globe (albeit a modern version). Below are some photos I managed to take during my visit.
Information boards outside the theater
Door into the theater via the Lower Gallery

This is not the original Globe, nor is it located at the original site. The first one burned during the infamous London fire, at least from what I recall according to our spunky-haired tour guide. 🙂

Impressive, isn’t it? 🙂

Different tour groups getting a little history lesson about the theatre’s origins

Down on the grounds, feeling how it would be to watch a play as a ‘commoner’. Man, it was freezing by this time (about mid-afternoon).

This Globe tries to stay as true to the original one’s features – basically, no modern lighting systems, nor any fancy equipment for stunts or special effects.

The paintings on the ceiling depict the skies for plays that require reference to the Heavens.

A hidden trap door where celestial beings could pop in from above, as required! 😉

No modern lighting system as the original Globe depended only natural light for its performances

View from the top most seats. The roofs were reproduced with similar natural material as in the original Globe.

[P.S. No to plagiarism! 🙂 feel free to grab my photos, but please, cite your sources and give credit to my blog. Cheers.]

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